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Experimental Study of the Durability of Textile Reinforced Cementitious Composites for Outdoor Applications of Sandwich Panels

Jens De Koster
Sandwich panels show excellent possibilities towards low-energy building solutions. Although, regarding the application of sandwich panels for outdoor applications, a durable performance is required. This work investigates the mechanical performance of textile reinforced cementitious composites (TRC) with an alkali resistant glass textile when exposed to durability cycles, namely 100 freeze-thaw cycles, 50 heat-rain cycles and combination of both. The characterization of the tensile behaviour was done by means of non-destructive and uniaxial tensile test. The loss in mechanical performance of the aged specimens seems to be governed by the physical damage attributed to durability loading. Further investigation on the micro-scale processes will be of interesting use to entirely understand the degradation processes. Knowledge and quantification of this loss is essential for the design of sandwich panels for renovation purposes