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Characterisation of Antarctic micrometeorites using synchrotron-based X-ray analysis

Flore Van Maldeghem
De chemische en structurele karakterisering van unmelted micrometeorites gevonden op Antarctica op non destructieve wijze met behulp van X-stralen

The Impact of Culture on Web Design

Margarita Ivanchikova
The Impact of Culture on Web Design.Case Study: Belgium and RussiaCulture determines everything we do. It is a software of our minds (The Hofstede Centre). Our own values, judgements and decisions are influenced by the conditions we are raised in, our parents and society. Members of different cultures face the same troubles and challenges in their life. What differs is the way they solve the problems and pursue their goals (Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner 6, Csikszentmihalyi 78). The difference of the approaches affects the products.

Crossing Over - Contemprary Feminist Theologians on the Theology of the Cross

Tina Blommaert
Defence of the Research Paper presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Master of Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion:

“Crossing Over. Contemporary Feminist Theologians on the Theology of the Cross.”

Dear gentlemen,
To start off this defence, I will sketch the problems concerning the theology of the cross that my research has inquired into. Next, I will briefly outline the scope of my research, sketching the answers proposed by the feminist theologians in my reading and finally I will voice the results I arrived at.