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Contemporary Nigerian-based Piracy: An Assessment of the Harms

KU Leuven
This research set out to systematically and empirically assess the harms of contemporary Nigerian-based piracy across multiple bearers and interest dimensions. To do so, an innovative harm assessment framework, developed by Greenfield and Paoli (2013) was employed. The assessment framework, a multi-step exercise comprised of distinct analytical phases and processes, required the articulation of business models for each of the primary modes of Nigerian-based piracy, the identification of possible harms and bearers, the evaluation of the incidence and severity of actual harms, the rating and prioritization of harms and finally, investigating potential causes of the identified harms. To do so, a mixed-methods approach was employed relying on both primary and secondary data sources. Methods included an extensive literature review, content analysis of over 400 piracy incident reports and semi-structured interviews.
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