Van locatie-afhankelijke naar marge-afhankelijke centrale capaciteitsplanning: een case-study

Ruth Evers

Van locatie-afhankelijke naar marge-afhankelijke centrale capaciteitsplanning: een case-study

More and more enterprises have factories at geographically scattered locations. This allows them to be closer to their customers, to react more quickly to changes in the market, to adapt their marketing better to the client and to pay lower wages. This shift from production in one factory to production in several factories makes the production-planning a more complex matter than it used to be. In this masterproof the following assignment and planning problem will be studied: given a number of orders, decide which orders will be assigned to which factory and plan the assigment of orders to the factories so that the profit will be optimised. An IP-formulation of the problem will be formulated and will be solved optimally with ILOG CPLEX. Moreover, small adaptions to the data and the model will be carried out in order to analyse their influence on the profit.



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Universiteit of Hogeschool
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